In memory of our much-loved former MD, Sarah Myland, our studio took a day out on Friday June 15th.

Sarah passed away last year and is greatly missed. We have all pledged to keep her memory alive and we will celebrate her love of life and positive energy on what we have dubbed ‘MY DAY’ ; a time to reflect and get creative together.

This was our first 'MY DAY', and we had a ball!

We began in Shoreditch with a street art tour. Armed with coffee and guided by experts, Alternative London, we explored the streets of East London - famous for their bold and outspoken artworks and murals.

Having got to grips with the etiquette and tagging hierarchy and loaded with inspiration, we were ready to get our own hands dirty. We spent the afternoon creating our own tags on the walls at Alternative London's studio garden.

There was time to raise a glass to Sarah - champagne of course! Here's to more future 'MY DAY's'.