Delivering new coffee experiences and delivering on the bottom-line

Delivering new coffee experiences and delivering on the bottom-line

Brands need to evolve to remain relevant, this we know. And it’s never been more true than on the high street today. Yet it can be a precarious business. Striking the right balance of evolution and change without shooting current, loyal business in the foot is no mean feat.

However, as our work with Costa is proving with hard core results, it’s well worth it.

In short, Costa coffee’s brief was to deliver new coffee experiences in a contemporary coffee shop environment – targeting the metropolitan customer.

Here the obvious challenge was that of attracting this new customer base without alienating existing heartland coffee lovers. Less obvious, but no less critical, was our mandate to introduce and roll-out a new concept within roll-out cost parameters.

Striking any cords?

In close collaboration with Costa’s Innovation and Store Design teams, plus ODA, we took the brand back to its roots and through the launch of its next generation coffee shop, Costa Coffee House in Wandsworth, trialled the concept.

Costa not only ramped up its efforts to share its perpetual passion for coffee with customer, it also trialed an evening offering a small selection of alcoholic drinks to complement its food and drink range.

A complete redesign of the counter and back bar menu system now showcases Costa’s prolific coffee offering – new brewings along with the original, and ever popular, Mocha.

Two distinct moods were created within the space. Whilst the bar area focuses on the immersion the customer in the art of coffee, with visibility to the barista and handcrafting of new coffees, a more relaxed lounge area offers a tempting landscape of comfortable seating for simply chilling out.

It worked. The results, we’re delighted to say, speak for themselves.

Here’s a snapshot from the 
post-completion survey:

• Significant increase in people who found the space ‘very appealing’ (pre 8.4%, post 33.3% from a sample of 250 respondants)
• 90% extremely likely to revisit versus 65% pre-refit.
• 21% increase in overall experience.
• Perceived as a modern and premium facelift, own-ably Costa.
• People wanted to come back more, for more occasions, during- more parts of the day - and were willing to spend more.

With emotional, behavioural and commercial KPIs hit, we’re now looking at how this learning can change the customer experience of main estate stores.