Is your workspace as WELL as it could be?

Company News / January 2017

Is your workspace as WELL as it could be?

Fundamentally, do you really know how your space is affecting the people who use it?

In fact, is your company fully aware of how far WELL-ness stretches in today’s workspace, of the complementary relationship between being truly WELL and simply having a green building?

Are the right conversations being had between HR, Finance and Buildings, or are things, frankly speaking, silo’d?

Are you listening hard enough and is enough of the right stuff happening?

Bottom-line, is your company reaping the many and measurable benefits that an integrated, holistic (rather than piecemeal or, worse still, box-ticking) approach to WELL-ness can bring to your ROI?

(After all, with staff costs, including salaries and benefits, typically accounting for about 90% of business operating costs, even the smallest of improvements in employee health and productivity can have huge, positive financial implications… Makes you think… it did us).

Whilst you ponder your answers, we have produced a pdf of some realities that may be worth reminding ourselves of.

Click here to read/download pdf

For further details, please contact Karen: karen.winfield@edge.gb.com