Edge creates a distinctive and unrivalled destination for Land Securities

Project News / December 2016

Edge creates a distinctive and unrivalled destination for Land Securities

Edge was appointed in 2015 to breathe new life into the shared community spaces on the ground floor and level one of 80-100 Victoria Street, Land Securities’ flagship office building in the heart of Victoria.  The challenge was to transform the areas into an inspiring, welcoming and connected destination for visitors and customers alike, where they could work, eat and enjoy the space.

Richard Brown, Land Securities’ Senior Project Surveyor said: “We knew there was huge potential at 80-100 Victoria Street. We have a diverse customer mix in the building and wanted to provide them with a more relevant, efficient and enticing space that fostered a sense of community and collaboration, but that was also flexible enough to adapt to individual meetings and events. We’re delighted with the result and have already had positive feedback from our most important audience – the people who use the space every day.”

Edge brought alive the core idea of a community area and created a brand identity for the building to connect 80 and 100 Victoria Street - something that is not only present in the detail and design palette but also carried through to the digital content on the screens.  By creating space that is welcoming, sociable and flexible, Edge has fostered a real sense of ownership and genuine pride in the space. The fusion of contemporary and classic design, of openness and light, injected renewed energy into the space, underpinned by the latest technology and advanced thinking around well-being and sustainability. 

Large-scale, bespoke, feature pendants with interlocking kite shapes, adorn the atrium alongside feature walling, creating intrigue from the approach and leading occupiers and visitors alike to reception areas. Bespoke fractal reception desks (made of a white ‘marble look’ composite) welcome visitors and set the high-end tone for the space. Behind the laser cut screening, the café and business lounge continue with exquisite detailing and a fractal graphic focus including banquette booths with brass inlay detailing and lighting rafts to frame the spaces.

Racheal Cadey, EDGE’s Founder said ‘This was about Land Securities adding value for its diverse customer mix by providing shared, flexible amenity space that people can enjoy and use as they wish. The result is a strong, co-creative community experience shared by our customers that’s both emotionally engaging and functionally brilliant. What’s more, the dual level reception creates a connected yet diverse geographical experience – a breath-taking destination that inspires people again and again.’


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