Meet Team Edge

Edge’s leaders perfectly reflect the blend of creative, strategic thinking with no messing, practical minds.

They manage the business, client relationships, project direction and delivery. You’ll see and hear from them a lot! To support them, we’ve an ace team of fresh, smart talent that these guys train and nurture to be sure they become industry stars.

Racheal Cadey

Racheal Cadey

Founder, Project Principal & Director


Racheal Cadey is Founder, Project Principal and Director of Edge. Racheal engages with clients at the front end of projects and directs Edge’s design strategy, ensuring that client business principles and positioning are adhered to at all times. Her driving focus is the creation of 100% effective design and a clear return on investment for clients.

Racheal has extensive board-level experience in architecture and design and is both hands-on and very much an all-rounder in the day-to-day running of the company, bringing a wide frame of industry reference, a highly logical mindset and a team-player mentality to Edge’s work and approach. As a lifetime lover of and participant in sport, she works on the principle that the sum is always much greater than the parts.