Meet Team Edge

Edge’s leaders perfectly reflect the blend of creative, strategic thinking with no messing, practical minds.

They manage the business, client relationships, project direction and delivery. You’ll see and hear from them a lot! To support them, we’ve an ace team of fresh, smart talent that these guys train and nurture to be sure they become industry stars.

Sarah Marks

Sarah Marks

Design Team Leader


Design Team Leader (and Director), Sarah Marks is a highly-experienced brand and graphic designer and design manager, who works as part of integrated teams across all of Edge’s key sectors, as well as directing purely graphic projects within the marketing communications field. She is a specialist in branding, particularly in the retail sector, but is capable of working at great breadth, whether on wayfinding signage in workspace projects or on the creation of new brands and full identity schemes within the hospitality field.

Sarah is highly-structured and organised, making her a superb project co-ordinator, with a clear, lateral viewpoint. She is also a very skilled nurturer of her team, with a ‘people specialisation’ also reflected in her pro bono and mentoring work outside of the office.