The Human Experience Space


Starcom MediaVest Group


'Turnmill’ 63 Clerkenwell Road, London


Starcom MediaVest Group, a leading international media agency, promotes itself as “the human experience company”. The move to a new building came with the brief to create a space for SMG that would maximise on collaborative ways of working.

What’s the Big Idea?

EDGE, understanding the method of working required by SMG, used the business strapline of ‘The Human Experience Company’ as the DNA to inform the design. This focussed on the basics of maximising human interaction.

Over 5 levels of the Turnmill building in Clerkenwell, EDGE has a created a highly functional workshop which is stunning in its simplicity and detailing and remains true to the ethos of the new building’s design. Breakout areas are flexible, to allow the staff to configure them in whatever way suits their activity. Seamless technology allows the spaces to retain a basic low tech feel, to promote conversation and the free flowing of innovative ideas. Visitors are always met by someone from SMG and either taken to levels 1-4 for informal meetings or straight up to the 5th floor.

The 5th floor, managed by a ‘maitre de’ - the ‘Peggy Mitchell’ of SMG, houses no desking. The space is entirely dedicated to flexible, workshop activity, with partition blinds to allow for the areas to be divided.

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