Blending commercial sophistication with the feel of domestic luxury.


Financial and Property Trading Company




To create a high-spec office with a distinct personality, which would embody the essence of the client's business culture.


Interior Architecture, Interior Design



What's the Big Idea?

EDGE used the vernacular of elite watches to define the language of luxury the client wanted for its new offices. Whilst they were to be high-quality, 'statement' and luxurious, they also had to be sophisticated and professional with an accent on functionality (poor storage had been a problem in the client's previous offices) and great detailing. EDGE created a scheme which blended commercial sophistication with domestic accents on luxury, with a range of spaces from executive offices to open-plan desking for the traders and breakout spaces to provide relaxation in a high-pressure environment.

Return on Investment:

The client confirmed that the project was a perfect expression of the brief, adding: 'If it were a car, it would be a Bugatti!'

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