Creating a place where people want to come to work.


Michael J Lonsdale




Leading building services contractor Michael J Lonsdale briefed EDGE to create a new head office environment with 120 desks and a new, agile workplace policy that would change the ‘my desk’ mentality of employees. The project also necessitated expressing the Michael J Lonsdale brand in the workplace and to its marketplace. Fundamentally, the new offices were to be a place where people wanted to come to work. The space had to feel comfortable and considered, reflecting the honest and professional values of the people that work there.

What’s the Big Idea?

‘Having a home’: designing a first ever central London head office, which would allow Michael J Lonsdale to express and reinforce its business. We sought to develop a scheme that responded to the organisation’s aspirations by harnessing and promoting its cultural needs. ‘The Engine Room’ was the design concept, whereby good, honest foundations showed the company’s respect for its highly-professional workforce. Each space was invested with a series of strong views and vistas, with highlight areas given conscious framing. Strong structures and organic colours highlighted the idea of natural strength.

Return on Investment:

‘Office conditions have improved dramatically from those of our previous offices and the fact we now have a permanent and established base has improved our position in the marketplace. In terms of efficiency, we have reduced our costs for replication of equipment, receptionists, hospitality and shared services. We have a more extensive skills mix permanently resident in the building, allowing us to be more reactive to our clients needs and to distribute workload more efficiently.’
Kevin Feerick, Group Director, Michael J Lonsdale.

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