Defining and delivering a dynamic hospitality proposition for an ambitious, entrepreneurial client.




Launch locations in UK and USA


To help an ambitious, entrepreneurial client looking to launch a new, dynamic ‘healthy dining’ concept based on pretzels into the snacking market in both the UK and the USA. EDGE was asked to help define the future proposition, customer demographics and market context for the nascent brand, which was inspired by the owner’s long-standing family patent for the machines that create mini pretzels (where the knotted dough gave rise to the brand name).

What’s the Big Idea?

EDGE approached the project by creating a wide frame of reference for the concept, looking both at existing offers, target customer groups and how to create a ‘best in class’ retail experience to help Knots become a winning brand that ‘inspires, engages and connects’ with the end-user. Our strategic thinking was aimed at making an untested business model tangible and creating collateral to show to investors and with which to engage employees, as well as pinpointing the correct customer segment and ensuring that the customer’s functional and emotional needs would be met by the proposed store design format.

Return on Investment:

‘The team at EDGE was able to articulate a vision for something that I knew in my gut but could not get down in writing. Their passion and inspiration is what brought my project to life. I truly value the creative process they imbue into everything they do.’
Ryan Knoll, Owner, Knots.

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