Moving from ‘silo’ to ‘agile’ working.


Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB)




RLB is an independent global property and construction consultancy that needed a London workplace with its own identity, which would promote social interaction between staff and support steady, planned expansion from 80 to 120 people within a constrained space.


Brand Communications & Interior Design



What’s the Big Idea?

‘People, Projects, Partnerships – Passionate Enablement’. By bringing RLB values to life in the workplace, everything we designed allowed RLB’s people to connect and work better. Analysis revealed that only 60% of personnel needed to be in the office at one time – a catalyst which allowed a strategy where the entire space was designed for fluidity and connectivity, including desk sharing for all, with staff removing work to lockers when out of the office. A multi-purpose meet and greet zone is also a venue for training, social and industry events.

Return on Investment:

Target staff levels are now accommodated in two thirds of the space usually suggested for such numbers, resulting in savings on rental and running costs, and enhanced sustainability. A post occupancy survey revealed that all staff are very proud of the new offices, with the flexible working spaces along with the kitchen and bar facilities creating a friendly and sociable atmosphere.

Gold Ska Rating

Regional Finalist
Projects up to 2,000 sq m
BCO Awards 2012 

RLB - 1 RLB office space and mood board Reception area RLB - 4 RLB - 6 RLB - 5