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Realising the revenue potential that a knockout F&B offer can bring


Barbican, London

Our recent work with Citadines not only illustrates how design can unlock the commercial potential of a space, but also, how, from a standing start, forming a complementary, strategic alliance with an expert partner can reap rewards beyond profitability.

This known and trusted apart'hotel chain knew it had to do ‘something’ yet was neither offering, nor geared up to offer, quality F&B.

What’s the Big Idea? 
"Beautiful brand, better footfall, boosted bottom-line"

Taking the Barbican Citadines as a test site, as a first step we underwent a consumer mapping exercise that made possible partner match-making based on both emotional as well as functional characteristics.

A fit was found with ‘Sourced Market’, known for using only high quality ingredients and authentic recipes. The plan being that Sourced Market would create a great, ready to eat range for Citadines. With trust, authenticity and quality being core to the Citadines brand, this had all the hall-marks of a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship.

A whole design language was created for the ground floor, bringing to life a sense of joined-at-the-hip-ness between the partners and making sense of the previously neglected ground floor no-man’s-land space. To this end, large, almost there, transparent screens blurred lines between where F&B, and the hotel itself, starts and ends.

One holistic, flowing destination.
Two areas fused to create a sum greater than its parts.

Just completed, it’s too early for hard facts to emerge. However, the soft feedback has been extremely promising.

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