Leisure & Hospitality



'Wellness' at the heart


Mako Group


Place hospitality and collaboration at the heart of a new single-storey office space, for five unique but united businesses.

What’s the Big Idea?

Collegial Empowerment: This was about us creating a people-centric space. Placing the employee at the heart of the workspace, we designed areas supporting their welfare, sense of well-being and practical needs  Hospitality and events have a designated centre stage  position made possible by the intelligent design of a flexible space, including bar, dining areas, townhall arena and kitchens - all of which weave together to create ever changing spaces for daily work, play and events. Alongside, are get-away-from-it zones, such as a gym and massage rooms. It’s working. Positive feedback from both employees and visitors demonstrates business has become easier, enabling a strong welcome for visitors, and vitally, employees (who work long hours) feel more pride and have a greater sense of being valued.

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