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Defining a next generation garden centre.






Dobbies needed to attract and retain new customers: the average age of customers was 50 plus. In addition they needed to rationalise their vast range of products, departments and concessions, which was so diverse that existing customers were beginning to lose track of what the brand stood for and new customers were easily confused by the offer.

What’s the Big Idea?

‘Connecting people with Nature’. The big idea for this truly ‘next generation’ of garden centres expanded Dobbies’ concept of ‘connecting people with nature’, to embrace fully their core brand values of horticultural expertise, localness, community spirit and the desire to promote an inspiring and engaging relationship between consumers and their natural environment.

Return on Investment:

The new store traded over 250% above the old. Each subsequent roll out continues to share similar success. Along the way, EDGE has helped reduce the build budget by over 5% and the build time from 21 to 17 weeks. We are now an integral part of Dobbies’ ten year national store roll out plan and are working on our 11th store.


Retail Destination of the Year
Retail Week Interiors Awards 2010


Best Edge of Town / Out of Town Store
Retail Week Interiors Awards 2010

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