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National Gallery Company Ltd.




EDGE began working with the National Gallery Company in 2012 on the redesign of its Portico Shop and increased the shops footfall and sales by transforming the space into a ‘curated experience’ akin to a visit to the Gallery itself.

For its East Wing Shop, positioned in a thoroughfare between the Gallery’s main entrance, restaurant and Annenberg Court, the brief was similar; increase sales, edit and focus the range on offer and align with the Gallery experience. 

What’s the Big Idea?

The ‘big idea’, linking to the theme used for the Portico Shop, was to reference an artist’s studio into the styling of the shop. A similar suite of bespoke furniture is used, however the colour and materials palette are lighter to work with and lift the darker flooring and wall finishes. A few accent colours are incorporated to complement some of the main product colours i.e. turquoise to sit alongside Van Gogh’s vibrant yellows.

Main features include; the studio tables, beautifully detailed with butterfly bolts and equipment drawers to display merchandise, whilst also offering the shop floor team with the practical benefit of increased storage to assist with the fast stock turnover. Continuing with the ‘studio’ theme, the poster display units look like they could quite easily be holding an artist's paintings.

High level units display bold, attractive products for impact and assist with navigation, particularly via the Gallery entrances which offers the main flow into the shop. Studio tables, are angled and positioned in the main walkways, to interrupt the Customers’ journey through the space and offer a curated story of the products available.

To differentiate the East Wing shop from the other shops in the Gallery, sections of the shop are merchandised by categories, such as Home & Gifts, rather than by image alone, e.g. Sunflowers, or Artist, e.g. Van Gogh.

The shop windows that face out onto Annenberg Court create a high street feel to the shop, stylised with the studio tables and dressed with highlights from the shop floor.

Return on Investment

The National Gallery Company continues to measure the increased performance of its transformed shops and is working with EDGE to raise the awareness of effectiveness through design by assisting with entry for specific awards which recognise this.

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