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EDGE has re-designed the National Gallery’s ground floor Portico Shop, responding to a brief to find ways to increase turnover from the existing store footprint of 193 sq m.

The Artist Within

A bit of context.
Seeped in history, filled with the Great Old Masters and upcoming ones too, every inch of The National Gallery celebrates the glorious world of art; except that was, their Portico Shop which lacked relevance and meaning, and vitally was not hitting sales targets.

Our brief.
Through completion design to stop the rot and find ways to help increase sales by 10%.

Our Big Idea.
‘The Artist Within’ transplanted the raison d’étre and personality of The National Gallery into the Portico Shop transforming it into a mini-world of curated art.

Designed as an artist’s studio visitors became able to take a little piece of the Gallery experience into their own homes.

Going beyond design, Edge challenged the purchasing dynamics - how the space was used during peak and non-peak periods, how high versus low margin products were given prominence in the shop, right down to making life easier for visitors to get at the products on sale - offering solutions that not only reinforced the over-arching idea but also made buying a more rewarding and hassle-free experience.

Sales increased beyond target, hitting 11%. High margin items like scarves and jewellery showed significantly boosted returns.

Moreover, The National Gallery was shortlisted for FX International Interior Design Awards 2014.

As a result of hitting KPIs and building strong relationships, Edge has been awarded new projects at The National Gallery.

To end with the words of Judith Mather – Buying & Merchandise Director - “It was a delight to work alongside EDGE. They understood the full breath of visitor profiles of the National Gallery and worked with us to refine and target the offer for the newly refurbished store. We were particularly impressed with the way in which EDGE considered the Gallery’s brand values to provide a clear and innovative signage solution, using images of the paintings to signify different sections of the store.”