Leisure & Hospitality

Compelling stories, inspiring people



EDGE was appointed by the RNLI to improve and align their visitable assets within its visitor centres & shops, to ensure all the communication touch points were consistent and cohesive. With a network of 237 lifeboat stations across the UK requiring £145 million in funding to run, theses spaces form a pivotal role in educating the general public about the charity, the dangers of the sea & guidance on how they can donate to support the charity. Dartmouth, the first to have the assets implemented needed to act as a showcase.

What’s the Big Idea? 
Working with the RNLI to produce the Big Idea ‘Compelling Stories, Inspiring People’, the centre is designed to provide playful and interactive ways of learning to assist in securing new relationships with every visitor to the space. The new centre incorporates a decommissioned life-boat; an area for kids and adults alike to dress up and get involved in the ‘drama’ of the sea; an area to ‘meet the crew’ or listen to personal accounts of rescues and a cinema in which to get fully immersed in watching real archive footage of rescues. The shop includes friendly product info facts to give customers guidance on how exactly their donations and purchases help towards running the charity i.e. cost of an RNLI teddy bear = cost of a pair of wellington boots.

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