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Supporting corporate cultural change.





An office refurbishment to support a change in culture, which creates space ‘to facilitate informal, authentic , creative discussions’ and that ‘promotes more interaction’. The client vision was to increase energy levels and footfall around the office, create a more defined flexible working bar / meeting zone that encouraged creative thinking - and a buzzy hub that everyone wants to be seen in.

What’s the Big Idea?

The design adopted an ethos of promoting and encouraging interaction, both functionally and organisationally, in order to aid staff motivation and stimulation. Open and flexible spaces encourage free thinking, creativity and togetherness. The new ‘work bar’, embodying Bacardi brand values, formed a collaboration space in the day-time that could change and be used as a promotional events space at night-time.

Return on Investment:

‘Working with Edge was a totally different experience and a total pleasure. Their ability to take a brief and probe to ensure its sustainability and functionality demonstrated their depth of knowledge in design and more importantly how people are now choosing to work. Our levels of creativity since our redesign have increased enormously.’
Sandra Vanlooy-Taylor, Facilities and H&S Manager, Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands & Bacardi Global Brands.

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