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The ultimate refurb, the ultimate result

Columbia Thread Needle

Camden, London

Seeped in history, full of idiosyncratic character, and listed, Dunn and Co’s Hat Factory was bursting with potential to become a ‘must-have’ space for like-minded creative tenants in particular- though not exclusively so.

What’s the Big Idea? 
This was about regeneration, not change; about a refurb that fused character and heritage with a fresh smile and sense of Collaborative Community. In line with this concept, we created a modern, understated space, mixing traditional with new materials, finishes and detailing. 

Whilst there was a central forum for tenants and residents to mingle, we introduced ‘Camden Place’, a distinctive, separate main entrance for flat dwellers. Something for everyone.

Here design celebrated the very best of the old, giving it a contemporary twist to enliven and make more relevant for now. Such was the success that the owners sold at +100% profit before the refurb was finally signed off and earlier than the estimated investment plan.

Old hat? New top and tails, more like!

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