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Integrating seven creative companies into a single space.


EDC (a holding company for several leading international creative agencies)




To bring to life a recently-refurbished, stereotypical Cat A office refurbishment and accommodate seven separate, but integrated, creative companies.

What’s the Big Idea?

Changing Perceptions: changing what people think a media company’s office should be like, from the type of building and the finishes of the space to the daily operation of the business.
A perceptual shift in workplace and construction thinking allowed EDGE to deconstruct the corporate interior, generating a rich, inspiring, flexible workspace (allowing for expansion or contraction of each individual company at any given point) that not only achieves the client’s aim of company cohesion, but provides an arena for creative thought.

Return on Investment:

‘They are a ‘next generation’ practice, packed full of insight, intelligence and unrivalled creativity. They have the propensity to think differently, and created and delivered an inspirational space within the tightest of constraints.’
Group Finance Director, EDC.

‘If you can’t be creative in this office, I doubt there’s anywhere you can.’
Mark Cramphorn, Operations Officer, Dare (media agency at EDC).

Workplace Category
International FX Awards 2011

Regional Finalist
Fit-Out of Workplace Category
BCO Awards London 2012

Interiors Category
The Pitch Awards, The Blades 2011

EDC EDC - 3 EDC - 2 EDC - 4 ex EDC Yellow door