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Angel Building HQ and Europe wide (CAT B & Brand Comms)

A bit of context.
Expedia’s move to a new, spacious London base in the Angel Building was perfect for expansion plans, greater creativity and collaboration. Nevertheless, the delicate issue of retaining people and attracting recruits loomed large.

Our brief.
To create, through Interior Design and Architecture plus internal comms and collateral, an environment that touched peoples’ hearts and minds… And, vitally, engaged them all the way… to London!

Our Big Idea?
‘Genius Loci’ (spirit of place).
Expedia IS travel; it lives and breathes it.

Exploding the concept of Genius Loci, we created space experiences capturing the anticipation, joy and adventure of travel. Whether it be re-creating a London City vibe, the vivacity of The Moulin Rouge (the list is endless) meeting rooms became inspiring, fun creative hubs. And, involved everyone early in plans, we encouraged a sense of ownership, re-invigoration and pride amongst team Expedia.

Not only were retention targets met and staff levels doubled in the first year, but the transformed space noticeably inspired and reinforced people’s reason for being a part of Expedia.

Janis Batten, European Real Estate Manager, Expedia explains ‘Staff constantly have a smile on their faces and it’s hard to get them to go home at night! Recruits are falling over themselves to work here’.

Expedia recently won Glassdoor’s best place to work.

Edge has now become an Expedia brand custodian, writing the Global Workplace Guidelines and taking the footprint to more offices around the world.

Silver Ska Rating

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