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Unifying five companies in a single, dynamic workspace.


Mako Group


To move  the five individual companies that make up the unique and forward-thinking financial services company, Mako Group, into a new, single-storey office space.

What’s the Big Idea?

Collegial Empowerment: the creation of a dynamic environment that breaks away from stereotypical workplaces by creating a vibrant, energetic, entrepreneurial and collaborative space – with a design that clearly suggests a well-established company. The aims were to make everyday business easy for employees and visitors alike, create a strong welcome for visitors, instill employee pride and also to give back to staff, who work long hours, through facilities such as an integrated bar and gym, massage and break-out areas. Space planning was key to creating a collegial heart to the business and bringing people together from the Group’s different businesses as a single, streamlined family, made up of different individual personalities. The new workspace has a sharp, cutting-edge and boutique feel, with proper social spaces for evening relaxation and events. Standout design features range from giant fish tanks to a wall inspired by the shape of a shark’s fin.

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