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‘Progression platform’


Lime Street, London

Scor’s objective was for the creation of their new offices to bring them into a more modern way of working. They had “insurance fever” with large desks, huge paper needs and offices spread over multiple buildings which were significantly under used - (80% of occupiers being flex workers who were out entertaining clients at breakfast, lunches etc. or based at Lloyds).

What’s the Big Idea? 
‘A Progressive platform’ was the Big Idea for Asia House - using an Asian influence to help inform the style. 

EDGE, working in partnership with Scor, undertook a utilisation survey to prove the actual desk space requirements. The new design with improved IT, enables agile working.

Meeting room flexibility was increased with smart IT solutions to ensure it could be doubled up as VC/broker rooms/adaptable auditor rooms. The auditorium/conference facility, positioned on the lower ground (120ppl) has given Scor the ability to host white paper events and invite in key guest speakers to discuss insurance hot topics. Prior to this Scor had to invest in the cost and coordination of hiring venues or hosting in their Parisian offices.

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