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Tesco HQ Campus – Welwyn Garden City


Welwyn Garden City

When Dave Lewis took the helm, he wanted everyone on one site working together and working as ‘One Team, One Tesco’.  The challenge was that of establishing Tesco’s new working culture of collaboration, trust and agile-working, thereby galvanising everyone – physically and emotionally across the vast new campus- One Team, One Tesco.

What's the Big Idea?
Overcoming challenges

Early days, however there’s a new buzz around, people are saying it doesn’t just look different, it feels different and that’s exactly what we were aiming for’. With a remit covering all aspects of the new space – from reception areas, to work floors, to public places – inside and out, EDGE created the overarching principles and guidelines that, in collaboration with Tesco’s in-house team, transformed the space - opening it up, injecting natural light and creating a more flexible, welcoming, far less corporate environment. Not only were the guidelines scalable enabling ‘mini’ Tesco worlds across the campus, but they drove new way-finding signage and more approachable look & feel and tone of voice is in-tune with the retailer’s values.

Tesco pledge “to serve Britain’s shoppers a little better every day” and the new workplace in Welwyn Garden City embodies and infuses this into the culture. Tesco have created a great place for their team to work, enabling them to ‘Live & be Proud’ and be a part of ‘One Tesco’. EDGE has designed with the brand and the team members in mind; from the signage throughout the campus, to even the bus stop at the front. The internal spaces consist of reception, breakout spaces, café, lounge area and atrium. The colour palette is an extension of their famous brand colours yet also includes pale oak timbers, a warm yellow and soft greys. The furniture is colourful and fresh, bench seating is installed in the café for the team to huddle over their lunches.

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