Leisure & Hospitality


Co-creation Centre (Strategy & CAT B)


Clerkenwell, London

A project for a FMCG client tackled the issue of driving brand innovation head on. The brief centred around enabling employees to build on a brand’s perception, pioneer new innovation and improve all aspects of the business’ performance.

What’s the Big Idea?
Tasked with creating a setting for fast ideation and rapid delivery of premium innovation to the market place, the concept of a Creative Compendium was born – a dynamic studio providing an environment which acts as both a producer of innovation in product and positioning and an event space to host the output to brand presidents and Innovation experts at a local or global level.

This private ‘by invitation only’ destination, includes concierge and house angels, a café/restaurant/event space, auditorium, sensory laboratories, artists in residence, war rooms, workspace, tele-conference facilities and embedded technology that augments the physical surroundings with real time delivery of trends and influences relevant to the client’s business and innovation agenda. Teams are able to amass information based on their search criteria, digitally ‘pasting’ the results into a series of devices, from iPads and formal presentation screens, through to a 26 screen trend wall that rises through two levels of the building. This allows for both passive and interactive immersion in trends, insights and analytical information that fuels innovation and products of tomorrow.

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